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The program comprises First-Year Courses and Special Courses from the fields Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, and Econometrics. Within the Short Courses internationally renowned researchers provide an overview of their respective fields of research. According to the basic idea underlying the Workshops, doctoral students present their research projects and obtain feedback from experienced researchers.

1. First-Year Courses

several lecturers
summer term 2022 (IWH)

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2. Special Courses

The Macroeconomics of Climate Change
Professor John Hassler, PhD (Stockholm University)
September 8-9 and September 15-16, 2022 (Leipzig University)

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3. Short Courses

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4. Personal Qualification Workshops

Scientific Writing and Presentation
Tim Korver
October 6-7, 2022 (IWH)

Personal Qualification Workshops – Archive…

5. CGDE Workshops

CGDE Workshops – Archive…