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Special Courses

Economics of Crime

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Mikael Priks (Stockhom University)
Date: July, 2 2012 – July, 3 2012 (TU Dresden)
Venue: TU Dresden
Registration: christian.lessmann@tu-dresden.de

The course deals with the basic economic models of crime and surveys recent research on different forms of crime


Day 1: 02.07.2012, TU Dresden, SCH B037 – Lecture 1: Introduction,09:30-11:00am
Becker and followers
some early criminology and sociology work
basic examples of identification problems and solutions

Day 2: 03.07.2012, TU Dresden, SCH B037 – Lecture 2: Topics on the research frontier,01:00-02:30pm
substance abuse

Lecture 3: Hooliganomics, 03:00-04:30pm

For any comments or any other issues that concern the seminar please email mikael.priks@ne.su.se.