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Environmental Economics

Lecturer: Professor Till Requate (Kiel University)
Date: February 12-16, 2024
Venue: University of Jena, Bachstrasse 18k, room 102
Registration: until January 31, 2024 via email: susanne.buechner@uni-jena.de

Announcement: pdf

Short description: This course discusses advanced topics in environmental economics, beginning with a discussion of the operation of the most prominent environmental policy instruments, notably command and control, emissions taxes, and tradable emissions permits. We then discuss the implications for product markets, imperfect competition, and the treatment of international environmental problems, especially climate policy. We also discuss pre‐existing distortions and long‐term investment incentives. Finally, we provide an introduction to dynamic problems, in particular the accumulation of pollutants.

Lecture 1: Markets, Welfare, the Problem of Externalities, and a survey of most important pollutants. (Based on Chapters 1 and 2 in Phaneuf & Requate)
Time: Monday, February 12, 14:00–16:00
Q&A session (optional): Monday, February 12, 16:00–17:00

Lecture 2: The Workhouse Model of Environmental Economics and Environmental Policy Instruments (Based on Chapter 3 and 8 in Phaneuf & Requate)
Time: Tuesday, February 13, 10:00–12:00

Lecture 3: Environmental Policy under Imperfect information (Based on Chapter 4 in Phaneuf & Requate)
Time: Tuesday, February 13, 14:00–16:00
Q&A session (optional): Tuesday, February 13, 16:00–17:00

Lecture 4: Repercussions on Output Markets and market power
(Based on Chapter 5 and 6 in Phaneuf & Requate)
Time: Wednesday, February 14, 10:00–12:00

Lecture 5: Environmental Policy with pre‐existing distortions (Based on Chapter 7 in Phaneuf & Requate)
Time: Wednesday, February 14, 14:00–16:00
Q&A session (optional): Wednesday, February 14, 16:00–17:00

Lecture 6: Environmental Policy and Innovation (Based on Chapter 11 in Phaneuf & Requate)
Time: Thursday, February 15, 10:00–12:00

Lecture 7: International Environmental Problems (Based on Chapter 12 in Phaneuf & Requate)
Time: Thursday, February 15, 14:00–16:00
Q&A session (optional): Thursday, February 15, 16:00–17:00

Lecture 8: Dynamic problems, notably accumulating pollutants (Based on Chapter 13 in Phaneuf & Requate)
Time: Friday, February 15, 10:00–12:00

Phaneuf, D. and Requate, T.: A Course Environmental Economics: Theory, Policy and Practice, Cambridge University Press 2017.

Charles Kolstad Environmental Economics, Oxford University Press, 2010.

Roger Perlman, Yue Ma, James McGilvray, and Michael Common: Natural Resource and Environmental Economics, Pearson Education, 3rd Edition, 1996.

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