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Special Courses

Topics in Family Economics

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Gugl
Date: June, 18 – 20 2014
Venue: TU Dresden
Registration: heike.auerswald@tu-dresden.de

The aim of this course is to provide you with a deeper understanding of selected topics in Family Economics.
For more details, please download the syllabus here.


1) Family Decision Making (3 lessons)
The Rotten Kid Theorem
The Collective Model
The Nash‐Bargaining Model
The Role of Transferable Utility in Family Bargaining Models
Dynamic Family Bargaining Models

2) Investment in Children (2 lessons)
Developmental Stages and Birth Order
Gender Specific Investments

3) Family Taxation (1 lesson)

Dates and venues

18.06. 11:10-14:30, BEY 149/U
19.06. 09:20 – 12:40, SCH B 037
20.06. 13:10 – 16:20, SCH B 037


Course grade will be based on

[1] A referee report of R. Chetty and E. Saez “Teaching the Tax Code: Earnings Responses to an Experiment with EITC Recipients” American Economic Journal: Applied Economics 5(1): 1-31, 2013.
[2] A policy brief on family taxation.  For more info about how to write a policy brief see: Link.